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Who doesn't love Scott Pilgrim? Not us. And we also don't not love the amazing music written by Beck Hansen, performed by Sex Bob-omb in the movie. We did a parody of "Threshold," and here it is. This version is by us.


Alicorn Magic
Princess let me have it
Apart of her plan, to save the whole land
And I'm finding my Rainbow
Reading every book till I'm blind

My body's twitching
Sun and Moon switching
Teleportation around the whole nation
Finding my Rainbow reading every book till I'm blind

My Rainbow
My Rainbow
Finding My Rainbow

I'm fighting Tirek
Trying not to panic
He blew up my tree, and now he's coming after me

And I'm finding my Rainbow
Shooting lasers into the sky

My Rainbow
From Hasbro...

Finding my Rainbow
My Rainbow
Finding my Rainbow


released November 26, 2016
Galen: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Arin: Guitar
Jacob: Bass
Blake "Wootmaster": Drums, Lead Vocals

art by assassinmonkey: assasinmonkey.deviantart.com/art/Reign-of-Magic-454820469




The Wonderbolts! Houston, Texas

We're a band from Houston, TX, primarily performing music inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and rock and roll! Together, we love classic rock, metal, soul, funk, punk, jazz, and folk, and these inspirations all find themselves in our music. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing. ... more

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